Past and Future Topics

Past and Future Topics

Spring 2007

Mon. Mar 26. Richard Schwartz (Brown), Outer billiards, unbounded orbits, and the modular group.

Fri. April 20. Alan Reid (Texas), Commensurability classes of hyperbolic knot complements.

Thur. April 26. In Sloan 153 Dick Canary (Michigan) Introductory Bumponomics: Untouchable points in boundaries of deformation spaces of hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

Thurs. May 17. (Rescheduled) Chris Leininger (UIUC), Trees and mapping class groups.

Fri. May 18. Ilesanmi Adeboye (USC), Volumes of Hyperbolic Orbifolds

Fri. May 25. Matthew Stover (Texas), Finite covers of arithmetic complex hyperbolic surfaces.

To be scheduled:

Winter 2007

Fri. Jan 12. Jason Manning (Buffalo), Geometric Dehn filling of high-dimensional hyperbolic manifolds. (First meeting) Note change of day.

Fri. Jan 19. No meeting due to next entry.

Sat. Jan 20. The N+3rd Southern California Topology Conference.

Fri. Jan 26. Richard Kent (Brown), Skinning maps.

Fri. Feb 2. Jason Deblois (Texas), Trace fields and commensurability of link complements.

Fri. Feb 9. Henry Wilton (Texas), Limit groups, LERF and local retractions.

Thur. Feb 15. CANCELLED Alexandra Pettet (Stanford), Cohomology of some subgroups of the automorphism group of a free group.

Fri. Feb 16. CANCELLED Juan Souto (Chicago), Chords, light and another synthetic characterization of round spheres.

Fri. Feb 23. Larsen Louder (Utah), Aligning JSJ decompositions of limit groups.

Mon. Feb 26. Martin Bridson (Imperial), Actions of Aut(F), SL_n and mapping class groups on CAT(0) spaces.

Fri. Mar 2. Gopal Prasad (Michigan), Weakly commensurable arithmetic groups, lengths of closed geodesics, and commensurable locally symmetric spaces. .

Fri. Mar 9. Jon McCammond (UCSB), Pulling apart orthogonal groups to find continuous braids.

Fri. Mar 16. Igor Mineyev (UIUC), Metric spaces and group actions.

Fall 2006

Fri. Oct 6. Stefano Vidussi (UCR), Symplectic S1xN3 and subgroup separability. (First meeting)

Fri. Oct 13. Saul Schleimer (Rutgers), Polynomial-time word problems.

Thur. Oct 19. Jiajun Wang (Berkeley) A combinatorial description of HF and HFK.

Fri. Oct 20. Yi Ni (Princeton) Knot Floer homology detects fibred knots.

Fri. Oct 27. Steve Kerckhoff (Stanford), Degenerating geometric structures via projective geometry.

Fri. Nov 3. David Dumas (Brown), Grafting coordinates for Teichmuller space.

Fri. Nov 10. Francois Gueritaud (USC), Which arborescent knots are hyperbolic?.

Fri. Nov 17. Bob Pelayo (Caltech), Complexes of Seifert Surfaces in S3.

Fri. Dec 1. Darren Long (UCSB), The virtual Betti numbers of closed arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds..

To be scheduled:

Spring 2006

Fri March 24. Alex Furman CANCELLED.

Fri. March 31. Sergio Fenley (Florida State), Pseudo-Anosov flows and asymptotic or large scale properties of 3-manifolds.

Fri. April 7. Jon Yard (Caltech), The Jones polynomial, quantum computation and computational complexity theory.

Fri. April 14. Andres Navas (IHES / U. de Chile), Growth of groups and diffeomorphisms of the interval.

Fri. April 21. Koji Fujiwara (Tohoku University), The asymptotic dimension of a curve graph is finite.

Fri. April 28. Anna Wienhard (Chicago/IAS), Surface groups and Hermitian symmetric spaces.

Fri. May 5. Ramin Naimi (Occidental), Intrinsically linked graphs.

Mon. May 8. in 257 at 3pm Ben McReynolds (Texas), Cusps of arithmetic orbifolds. Note unusual date and location.

Fri. May 12. Thomas Mack (Caltech), Quasiconvex Subgroups and Nets in Hyperbolic Groups.

Fri. May 19. Sergei Gukov (Caltech), Perturbative Gauge Theory and Arithmetic Topology.

Fri. May 26. TBA, TBA.

Fri. June 2. TBA, TBA.

To be scheduled:

Fall 2005

Sept 29. Jason Manning, Dehn filling relatively hyperbolic groups.

Fri. Oct 7. Joseph Maher, Random walks on mapping class groups. We show that a random walk on the mapping class group gives an element which is pseudo-Anosov with a probability that tends to one as the length of the random walk tends to infinity.

Fri. Oct 14 and Fri. Oct 21 No meetings. See Sergei Gukov's Colloquium on Tues 18th.

Fri. Oct 28 Daniel Groves (Caltech) A solution to the isomorphism problem for some relatively hyperbolic groups.

Fri. Nov 4 No meeting. Fri. Nov 11 Akio Noguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Zeros of the Alexander polynomial.

Fri. Nov 18 Nathan Dunfield (Caltech). A random tunnel-number one 3-manifold does not fiber over the circle..

Fri. Dec 9 Denis Osin (CUNY) Infinite groups with finitely many conjugacy classes.

No further meetings this term .

To be scheduled next term: Darren Long.

Spring 2005

Mar 31. Ko Honda, Right-veering diffeomorphisms of a compact surface with boundary.

Apr 7. Vaibhav Gadre, McShane's identity.

Apr 14. David Bachman, Connected sums of unstabilized Heegaard splittings are unstabilized.

Apr 21. Azer Akhmedov, Traveling Salesman Groups.

Monday, Apr 25 from 11:00 - 1:00 in Sloan 153 Martin Bridson, Limit groups and their subdirect products. Note unusual date and time.

Saturday Apr 30. N + 2nd Southern California Topology Conference

May 5. Jon McCammond, Artin groups and polytopes.

May 12. Ben Schmidt, TBA. (last meeting of quarter.)

Winter 2005

Jan 6. See Complex Of Curves Fest.

Jan 13. Danny Calegari, Tamess for hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

Wed Jan 19. Suhyoung Choi's is speaking in the Lie Groups Seminar.

Thur Jan 20. 1:30 - 3:30. Moore 239. Michael Freedman. Reflection positivity for smooth manifolds fails in dimension four and higher. Note change of time and place.

Jan. 27. Xiaobo Liu, Quantum Teichmuller space of the once-punctured torus.

Feb 3. Maryam Mirzakhani, Counting simple closed geodesics on hyperbolic surfaces, moduli spaces of curves and cycle decompositions of permutations.

Feb 10. Peter Milley, MOMs and low-volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds.

Feb 17. Allen Knutson, Statistical mechanics and equivariant cohomology.

Feb 24. John Etnyre, Contact geometry and the genus of open book decompositions. (Last meeting of quarter.)

Fall 2004

Oct. 7. Nathan Dunfield: Actions of mapping class groups on representation varieties of finite groups.

Oct. 14. Bob Pelayo, Flavors of Floer Homology and Thomas Mack Distortion elements in groups.

Oct. 21 Roman Muchnik (joint with Lie groups seminar).

Oct. 28. Joesph Maher, Heegaard gradient and virtual fibers. Note: Meets in 153 Sloan.

Nov. 4. Jason Manning, Chevalley groups and quasi-actions on Gromov hyperbolic spaces. Note: Meets in 153 Sloan.

Nov. 11. No meeting.

Nov. 18. Ciprian Manolescu Symplectic Floer theories and the Jones polynomial.

Nov. 25. Thanksgiving, no seminar.

Dec. 2. Kevin Whyte

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