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Welcome to, a site for for people doing computational stuff with low-dimensional topology. If you know any other software that should be listed here, drop me a line. Suggestions are welcome.

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Recent additions

2023/09/05: Added KnotFolio.
2021/09/21: Added Database KnotInfo.
2020/07/20: Added the Topology Toolkit.
2020/03/01: Many broken links fixed.
2019/07/23: Added the Knot Floer Homology Calculator.
2018/04/30: Added RackEnumeration for enumerating elements of a rank.

2-dimensional manifolds

3-dimensional manifolds


SnapPea is a general purpose program for manipulation of 3-manifolds, with an emphasis on finite volume hyperbolic 3-manifolds. Allows entering of manifolds as Dehn surgery on link complements and from an extensive census of small-volume manifolds.

Other general 3-manifold programs.

Normal Surface Theory

Kleinian Groups

Foliations and other dynamics

Floer homology and gauge theory


Knot Theory and related topics

Combinatorial/Geometric Group Theory

Algebraic Topology

Here are some packages for computing the homology and cohomology of simplicial complexes and groups:

General polyhedra

Topological data analysis

Nathan Dunfield