Math 241 Section A: Midterm the second



Location depends on your discussion section. If your TA is Luka Zwaan or Daniel Carmody, note the new location.


Special tutoring, office hour, and class schedule for October 22–26:


Problems will very be similar to those on the HW and discussion worksheets. Some will be straight computations, others will be conceptual short answer questions, and others multiple choice or true/false questions. Taken collectively, the HW should be viewed as constituting a study guide for this exam.

Practice Exams:

Here are some of old exams, with solutions.

Conflict Exam:

If you have a conflict with the exam time, please consult the university policy on evening midterm exams. Based on that, if you think your situation qualifies you to take the conflict exam, please fill out this webform at least one week before the exam date. The conflict exam will be held Wednesday, October 24 from 7:45–8:55am in 314 Altgeld (note that is in the morning, not the evening).

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