Math 241 Section A: Midterm the Second



Same as last time, except for students in AD1 with Brian Ray.


Special tutoring and office hour schedule Oct 22–26:


Problems will very be similar to those on the HW and discussion worksheets. Some will be straight computations, others will be conceptual short answer questions, and others multiple choice or true/false questions. Taken collectively, the HW should be viewed as constituting a study guide for this exam.

Review Problems:

Working additional problems from the text is the recommended way to prepare for the exam, as is doing the problems from the worksheets that you didn't get to in section. A key resource is the excellent list of review problems at the end of each chapter, including quick concept checks and a true/false quiz. Here are the questions that are relevant to what we covered.

Here are the solutions to the even-numbered review problems for Chapter 14, Chapter 13, and Chapter 16. In addition, the "chapter practice" assignments in WebAssign have many, but not all, of the problems from the text. Solutions to any problem in WebAssign are available there for any assignment whose due date has past.

Practice Exams:

Here are the exams from the last two years, with solutions.

Note: The 2011 exam is representative of what to expect, but the 2010 exam was a little too easy.

Conflict Exam:

If you have a conflict with the exam time, please consult the university policy on evening midterm exams. Based on that, if you think your situation qualifies you to take the conflict exam, please contact me as soon as possible. The conflict exam will be held Wednesday, Oct 24 from 7:45–8:45am in 314 Altgeld (note that's in the morning, not the evening).

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