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The final will be comprehensive, though there will be some extra weight on the parts of Chapter 16 that was not covered on Midterms 2 and 3. Also, given the cumulative nature of this course, many concepts from earlier chapters are used in Chapter 16. For instance, finding the equation of the tangent plane to a parameterized surface requires basics about planes and cross products (Sections 12.4 and 12.5) and partial derivatives (Section 14.3). Sometimes, such more elementary concepts will have their own questions, and sometimes they will be tested only as components of questions from Chapters 15 and 16.

You should expect a little over twice as many problems as on one of the midterms, but you will have more than three times as long to complete the exam. The problems themselves will be similar to those on the midterms, though they will be a little more difficult, involved, and/or free-form than before, and a very few will be quite a bit harder, especially the extra credit questions.

Homework Summary and Solutions:

For your convenience, here are all the problems that have been assigned. The non-WebAssign problems are in bold.

Solutions to all non-WebAssign problems are available. Solutions to the WebAssign HW are available inside WebAssign, once the due date of an assignment is past.

Review Problems:

Working additional problems from the text is the recommended way to prepare for the exam, as is doing the problems from the worksheets that you didn't get to in section. A key resource is the excellent list of review problems at the end of each chapter, including quick concept checks and a true/false quiz. So that you can check your answers, here are solutions to some of the even review problems: Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16.


Copies of the worksheets are available here.

Final exam conflicts

Currently, there is no conflict exam for this course, and it is unlikely that university rules will require that one be offered. The primary cause of exam conflicts is when a course holds a "combined exam" for several different lecture sections, rather than having their final in the timeslot associated to the class meeting time. Because the final for Math 241 is in its default ("noncombined") timeslot, in this situation the "combined exam" course is required to fix this by offering a conflict exam. Two instances of this type which conflict with our final are CS 125 and ECE 110.

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